Articles and Essays

  • Gesture Drawing: What is it?

    The flexing and forming of marks into lines and tones becomes the art of drawing, which can be divided into several competing types of drawing methods: Contour Drawing (outline and inline drawing) Gesture Drawing Tonal Drawing (shading, illusionism) Mapping / Schematic Drawing Perspective Drawing Many genres of drawing, such as life drawing from the nude… Read more

  • Art Theory without Jargon

    Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, in painting and drawing when I was ‘coming of age’ as an artist, there were several dominant art theories routinely taught in art colleges: Formalism from the Bauhaus, Modernist Abstraction from contemporary America, and Postmodern Deconstructivism mainly from European intellectual traditions, as well as Contemporary Figuration, often taught based… Read more

  • What sources help create your imagery?

    The imagery that I work with comes almost entirely from observations of patterns in nature, some of which are very specific and others of which were more generalized for artistic reasons of expression, composition, and form. The imagery also comes from the ways in which I organize those observations as movements, improvised within the possibilities… Read more