The artist with a friend, ~1978

Gregory Scheckler (b.1968- ) lives in the Northern Berkshires of Massachusetts. His artworks have been in over a hundred exhibits, including with the One West Art Center, the Bennington Museum, the Center for the Visual Arts Gallery at Illinois State University, and the National Science Foundation. He earned degrees from the University of Notre Dame (1990), Washington University in St. Louis (1992), and Utah State University (1996). He also accomplished graduate studies at the New York Academy of Art (1993), and studied for a year at the University of Innsbruck, Austria (1987-88). In addition, he is a proud graduate of the legendary Clarion West Writer’s Workshop (2018). He serves as Professor of Art at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where he founded the art major program and teaches creativity and critical thinking through drawing, painting, and digital media. He envisions the arts as survival strategies, playgrounds, vivid storytelling, rich ways of thinking, and core functions of our humanity. When he’s not writing, artmaking, or teaching, he and his wife ski, hike and bike the Berkshires, play musical instruments, and tend their solar-powered home.

Nature Studies…

Another kind of education happens in nature: requiring no degrees or organized curricula, nature studies came to life in his youth in Wisconsin, and in adulthood in the mountains of Western Massachusetts and nearby Vermont.  

The artist with another friend, ~2013


Gregory Scheckler may be contacted at studioDOTgregoryATgmailDOTcom

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