Joe Thompson, director emeritus, MASSMOCA: “Gregory can paint, but more than that he couples traditional (and beautifully realized) techniques – glazes, sfumato, deft brushwork – with fresh ideas about representation, narrative, and symbol.”

Keith Shaw, art critic The Berkshire Eagle and Artscope Magazine: “Trained under figurative artists here and abroad, he has significant technical skills, and is an accomplished draughtsman and painter… Scheckler is a thinking artist with genuine ability.”

Kate Abbot, editor BTW Berkshires, author, and poet: Scheckler works from “… a clear understanding of zoology, physics, mythology, art history… with enjoyment in exploration that feels very much like the Renaissance curiosity that he references… his real skill look effortless, like a gymnast turning aerials on a balance beam, but we feel the effort, the patience and grit and skill it takes, and it turns us breathless.”